Garage Floor Coatings

An Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Garage Floor

Are you tired of looking at a stained and dull garage floor? Concrete coatings can be an excellent solution to give your garage a new look and improve its durability. These coatings are known for resisting stains, heavy traffic, and chemicals, making them ideal for garages. But like any other flooring, garage floors need proper maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking fabulous.

Covering the garage floor slab with a coating helps improve its durability. But which coating is best for your garage floors? Check out this guide to get answers to your questions. In addition, we will cover the best methods for cleaning and tips and tricks to save your asset and extend the life of your garage floor.


Why Should You Consider a Floor Coating?

Garage floors are essential, especially if you regularly drive in and out with your car. But above foot and vehicle traffic, they’re usually exposed to rain moisture, dirt, grease, dust, automotive fluids, and road salt. Moreover, there is growth and compaction due to seasonal temperature changes.

Your garage floor will start to see damage in the concrete if it isn’t precisely maintained. Generally seen surface deterioration includes:

  • Uneven surface coloration
  • Cracking
  • Small indentations are known as pitting
  • The build-up of mineral salts
  • Flaking or crumbling of the surface
  • Stains from car fluids, leaks, and spills

Covering the surface with a proper coating helps to minimize surface deterioration and prolong the lifespan of the slab.


Top Garage Floor Protection Options

The following are garage floor protection options that homeowners often turn to when enhancing their garage floors:

Polyaspartic Floor Coating


Polyaspartic Floor Coating is one of the best garage floor protection options. It is a high-performance concrete floor coating created with professional-grade features that skilled experts apply to provide long-term flooring safety. In addition, these coatings penetrate deeper into the concrete than cheaper garage floor safety treatments, making a less adequate topical surface bond. Moreover, floor coatings resist damage from effects and bruises, and permanent markings.

Garage Epoxy Floor Coating


Epoxy is a coating that runs onto the existing concrete floor of your garage. Concrete is well-known for being durable and sturdy. The epoxy counts to that, making it even more potent and longer-lasting. Garage Epoxy Floor Coatings are broadly available in home advancement stores. It gives a high-gloss finish that paint cannot deliver. Ventilation is essential as there is a pungent odor from the epoxy.

The temperature and humidity levels are essential if you choose epoxy floor coatings. You can’t apply it in extremely hot or cold temperatures.

Garage floor coverings


Garage floor coverings like rugs, mats, trays, and parking pads tend to use more in colder temperatures, which leaves floors a wet, dirty mess during the winter. These effects can help save your base, but their security is relatively superficial and limited. In addition, these covers will need to open outside to drain the collected water. That can be a task since they can get heavy and be pretty messy to move.


Garage Floor Coating Benefits

Like any other flooring, garage floor coatings have both benefits and drawbacks. The positive aspects of garage floor coatings are:

  • Visual effect

One crucial benefit of garage floor coating is it will improve the look of your garage. In addition, manufacturers have various epoxy flooring styles and colors. So whether you’re looking to light up your garage with a fierce solid color, make a terrazzo, or need a metallic epoxy, you will find a floor that suits you and your taste.

  • High bruise and scratch resistance

Rolling jacks, toolboxes, and jack stand will not harm the floor. It resists cold, heat, and wet weather circumstances. It makes for effortless cleaning of road salts and icy brines that can accumulate on the floor during the winter.

  • High strength

Epoxy is almost waterproof and positively resistant to auto fluids, oil, gasoline, grease, acids, and other chemicals like bleaches and everyday cleaners. For the same reason, the floors are considered appropriate for homes and industrial sectors.

  • Easy maintenance

Garage floor coatings have no joints, seams, cracks, gaps, or pores, making the flooring immune to dirt, dust, water, and chemicals.

  • Safe and hygiene

Epoxy floor coatings do not collect dust or form a favorable environment for various bacteria/pathogens. Therefore, it is also essential to understand that epoxy materials are highly resistant to high temperatures, such as in the possibility of a fire.


Maintaining Your Garage Floor

More than routine cleaning is required to keep your garage floor in top state. Here are some maintenance tips to save your investment and prolong the life of your epoxy floor:

Avoid Chemical Spills

Epoxy floors are invulnerable to chemicals, but prolonged vulnerability to specific chemicals can harm the coating. Avoid spilling oil, gasoline, or other severe chemicals on the floor, and instantly clean up if any spills.

Use Furniture Pads

Heavy equipment or furniture can dent or scratch the epoxy coating. Use mats and furniture pads under weighty objects to cover the floor from deterioration.

●  Cover from UV Rays

Direct UV rays and sunlight can fade the floor coatings. Use curtains or blinds to facilitate the direction of your garage floor to direct sunlight.

Avoid Sharp Objects and High Heels

Sharp objects, high heels, and cleats can damage or scratch the epoxy coating. Use caution when moving sharp objects on the floor, and avoid stepping on the floor with high heels and shoes with spikes.


Garage Floor Coating – Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a floor coating instead of tile, carpet, or linoleum/sheet goods?

Garage floor coatings have different benefits over VCT, carpet, ceramic, etc. The benefits include:

– Greater strength

– No grout to sustain, lower maintenance

– Not spoiled by splash spills

– More significant impact resistance

– Greater scratch resistance

– Easy to clean

Is it worth it to get a garage floor coating?

Absolutely. Garage floors with coatings need less maintenance. That’s why a resilient floor coating is worth the investment in more ways than one.

How long does the process take?

Almost all garage floors will be complete in two days, but depending on the garage size, the current concrete’s state, and the epoxy system selected, coating and prepping your garage floor can take up to at least four days.


Whatever your dream for your Garage Floors may be, Floortech Concrete Coatings got you covered! Regarding your garage, consider upgrading your surfaces to improve and transform the look of your flooring for years to come. Our advanced coatings will make your garage floor easier to clean, more durable, and more visually appealing! From start to finish, we are pleased to install world-class floor coatings for customers throughout Virginia and beyond.

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