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Polyurea Coatings

Better than epoxy in every way – stronger, longer lasting and more cost effective over time.

1-Day Installation

Epoxy takes almost full week to cure, polyurea can be installed in just one day and is ready for heavy use in two.

Limited LIFETIME Warranty

While our competitors offer one to 5-year warranties, we proudly stand by a LIFETIME warranty.

Our Concrete Coating Projects in Prince William, Virginia

FloorTech Concrete Coatings is an exclusive installed of Penntek coatings in Prince William, Virginia. Our PURE polyurea is the best choice for longevity of coating, quality of installation and we offer extensive customization of your concrete coatings.

Case Study: Elegant Outdoor Shed Flooring Transformation in Prince William, VA

Project Overview

Client: Private Residence
Location: Prince William, VA
Project Type: Residential Exterior Shed Floor Coating
Completion Date: December 21, 2023

Project Background

A homeowner in Prince William, Virginia, sought to enhance the functionality and aesthetic of their outdoor shed by upgrading its flooring. The project involved coating not just the interior, but also the exterior slab of the shed which doubles as a charming front porch.


The shed’s existing concrete floor was in decent condition but required a professional touch to transform it into a more durable and visually appealing surface. The main challenge was to deliver a high-quality finish that would withstand the outdoor elements while enhancing the overall look of the shed.


FloorTech Concrete Coatings was chosen for the job due to our expertise in residential concrete flooring solutions. The client opted for the sophisticated “Domino” chip flake design, which features a blend of blacks, whites, and grays, ideal for hiding dirt and providing a modern look.


  1. Surface Preparation: The existing concrete was in good condition but needed sanding to ensure a clean, smooth surface for the new coating. Our team efficiently prepared the floor using industry-standard sanding techniques to create the perfect base for the coating.
  2. Coating Application: The “Domino” chip flake was meticulously applied across both the interior floor and the exterior portion of the slab. This polyurea coating was selected for its durability and aesthetic appeal, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  3. Quality Assurance: Following the application, the entire area was inspected to ensure the coating was evenly applied and met all quality standards, guaranteeing a flawless finish and long-lasting performance.


The transformation was a resounding success, providing the client with a beautiful and robust flooring solution that revitalizes the shed’s utility and enhances its curb appeal. The coated surface is not only visually pleasing but also highly functional, offering increased durability and ease of maintenance.

Client Feedback

The homeowner expressed immense satisfaction with the new floor coating, praising its elegant appearance and the enhanced functionality it brings to their outdoor shed. The project has significantly improved their enjoyment and use of the space.


This project exemplifies FloorTech Concrete Coatings’ commitment to delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction in residential floor coating solutions. The Prince William shed floor coating project stands as a testament to our ability to meet client needs with precision and artistic flair, ensuring every floor we coat is built to last and impress.

Case Study: Residential Garage Transformation in Prince William, VA

Project Overview

Client: Private Residence
Location: Prince William, VA
Project Type: Residential Garage Floor Coating
Completion Date: January 8, 2024

Project Background

A homeowner in Prince William, Virginia, sought to enhance their garage with a durable and visually appealing floor coating that would provide both aesthetic value and functionality.


The garage’s existing concrete floor was structurally sound but lacked the aesthetic appeal and protective qualities desired by the homeowner. The primary challenge was to transform the space with a coating that would be both durable and attractive, enhancing the garage’s usability and appearance.


FloorTech Concrete Coatings was selected to undertake this project because of our expertise in high-quality residential floor installations. The client chose the “Mediterranean” chip flake—a sophisticated blend of neutral tones that complements the home’s style while offering the durability needed for a garage environment.


  1. Surface Preparation: The floor was in decent shape but required thorough sanding to ensure a clean, level surface that would allow for optimal coating adherence.

  2. Coating Application: The chosen Mediterranean chip flake was applied across the entire garage floor. This material was selected for its ability to handle heavy wear and tear, resist stains from oils and chemicals, and ease of maintenance.

  3. Quality Assurance: After the application, we conducted a detailed inspection to guarantee that the finish met our high standards and the client’s expectations, ensuring a seamless and uniform coating.


The transformation was significant, with the new floor coating improving both the functionality and the visual appeal of the garage. The Mediterranean chip flake not only provided a modern look but also enhanced the floor’s resistance to daily use and potential spills.

Client Feedback

The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome, appreciating how the new floor coating made the garage more inviting and easier to clean, while also increasing the value of their property.


This garage floor coating project in Prince William, VA, showcases FloorTech Concrete Coatings’ commitment to delivering top-tier aesthetic and functional improvements for residential spaces. The project highlights our ability to customize solutions to meet the specific needs and tastes of our clients, ensuring satisfaction with every project we undertake.

Polyurea vs Epoxy

Although epoxy offers initial cost savings, polyurea is better choice in terms of overall performance and long-term cost-effectiveness, owing to its durability and lower maintenance requirements. The decision between epoxy and polyurea ultimately hinges on your needs. Go with polyurea if want a long-lasting, durable coating with minimal upkeep. Alternatively, if you’re pursuing a shorter-term solution or operating on a tighter budget – epoxy might suit your needs. For those with the requisite skills and time, a DIY approach could also be considered.

Polyurea Cost

Typically, the cost of materials and labor varies, averaging around $6.50 per square foot for larger areas like 900 square feet, and going up to $9.00 per square foot for smaller spaces of around 300 square feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always here for our customers, if you have a question about concrete coatings not answered in the FAQ below you can ask us by phone or email, or by filling out our contact form.

Polyurea and epoxy are both used for coating concrete, but they’re quite different. Polyurea is stronger and lasts longer, about 15 years, compared to epoxy’s 3-5 years. It bonds deeply with concrete, making it less likely to chip or peel. Epoxy, while protective, just sits on the surface and can wear out faster, especially with heat and sunlight. When applying polyurea, the surface needs more preparation, but this makes it more durable. In simple terms, polyurea is like a stronger, longer-lasting protective layer for your concrete surfaces. Learn more about the difference between polyurea and epoxy.

It is always a good idea to consult your HOA regarding rules about painting or installing coatings in outdoor areas visible from the outside. Typically, this would only apply to driveway and sidewalk coatings. We advise you to check with your HOA, review their documentation, and see whether there is any mention of concrete coatings. If there isn’t, you should be clear to have your coating installed.

Epoxy and some other polyurea coatings can only be installed during warmer months of the year. But, our polyurea coating can be installed year-round even in winter, and still only takes a day for installation.

Penntek coating is only available for professionally trained Penntek dealers like FloorTech Concrete Coatings. 

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