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Polyurea Coatings

Better than epoxy in every way – stronger, longer lasting and more cost effective over time.

1-Day Installation

Epoxy takes almost full week to cure, polyurea can be installed in just one day and is ready for heavy use in two.

Limited LIFETIME Warranty

While our competitors offer one to 5-year warranties, we proudly stand by a LIFETIME warranty.

Our truck unloading for an industrial coating project in Stafford, VA

Our Concrete Coating Projects in Stafford, Virginia

FloorTech Concrete Coatings is an exclusive installed of Penntek coatings in Stafford, Virginia. Our PURE polyurea is the best choice for longevity of coating, quality of installation and we offer extensive customization of your concrete coatings.

Stafford Department of Utilities Industrial Concrete Coating

In 2023, we tackled an extensive industrial concrete coating project at the Stafford Department of Utilities. The project, commenced earlier in the year and completed on November 8th, was executed in stages to comprehensively address various facilities within the complex.

Our team worked on multiple areas, including the bathroom, locker room, and warehouse/garage areas. Some sections required additional preparation, notably the removal of existing floor tiles, before we could proceed with our standard surface preparation using industrial-grade grinders.

For this project, we selected the “Tidal Wave” chip flake for the polyurea coating. This choice, featuring a blend of white, light grey, and two shades of blue, not only provided an aesthetically pleasing finish but also aligned with the industrial setting of the facility. The full application of this coating ensures improved durability and safety across all coated areas.

We are proud of this transformation at the Stafford County Department of Utilities and confident that the new flooring will significantly enhance both the functionality and safety of the facility. This project stands as a showcase of our commitment to delivering high-quality, durable, and practical flooring solutions in industrial environments.

Willowmere Park Bathroom Floor Resurface & Coating

In November 2023, we completed a comprehensive concrete coating project at Willowmere Park’s bathrooms, located in Stafford, VA. The previous coating, a light grey/tan epoxy with sparsely applied white and black chip flakes, was showing its age and wear with small parts chipped off.

Our approach was thorough: we grinded down the old, inadequate coating to make way for a superior solution. We chose a chestnut flake color for the new polyurea coating, applying it in a full broadcast manner. This technique not only covered the entire area uniformly with flakes but also created a bumpier texture, significantly enhancing slip resistance — a crucial factor for bathroom safety.

The result? A robust and visually appealing surface that uplifts the bathrooms’ functionality and aesthetic. This project at 21 Willowmere Pond Rd is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, durable, and safe flooring solutions.

Concrete Stairs Repair & Coating

In April 2023, we had the pleasure of enhancing a Stafford, VA residence with a small, yet impactful, concrete coating project. Our task was to revitalize the concrete stairs leading into the home, a set of just four steps that were previously covered in a deteriorating dark green paint.

The stairs were in a rough state initially, with significant chunks of paint peeling off. Our skilled team took on the challenge by thoroughly resurfacing the concrete stairs. We removed the old paint and meticulously ground down any imperfections to prepare for the new coating.

For the coating, the client selected the “Mount Everest” chip flake color. This blend of white, gray, tan, and dark gray chips perfectly complemented the house’s gray exterior, white windows, and black shutters and base concrete. This subtle yet elegant transformation enhanced the overall appearance of the house, proving that even small coating projects can make a significant difference to your property.

Polyurea vs Epoxy

Although epoxy offers initial cost savings, polyurea is better choice in terms of overall performance and long-term cost-effectiveness, owing to its durability and lower maintenance requirements. The decision between epoxy and polyurea ultimately hinges on your needs. Go with polyurea if want a long-lasting, durable coating with minimal upkeep. Alternatively, if you’re pursuing a shorter-term solution or operating on a tighter budget – epoxy might suit your needs. For those with the requisite skills and time, a DIY approach could also be considered.

Polyurea Cost

Typically, the cost of materials and labor varies, averaging around $6.50 per square foot for larger areas like 900 square feet, and going up to $9.00 per square foot for smaller spaces of around 300 square feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always here for our customers, if you have a question about concrete coatings not answered in the FAQ below you can ask us by phone or email, or by filling out our contact form.

Polyurea and epoxy are both used for coating concrete, but they’re quite different. Polyurea is stronger and lasts longer, about 15 years, compared to epoxy’s 3-5 years. It bonds deeply with concrete, making it less likely to chip or peel. Epoxy, while protective, just sits on the surface and can wear out faster, especially with heat and sunlight. When applying polyurea, the surface needs more preparation, but this makes it more durable. In simple terms, polyurea is like a stronger, longer-lasting protective layer for your concrete surfaces. Learn more about the difference between polyurea and epoxy.

It is always a good idea to consult your HOA regarding rules about painting or installing coatings in outdoor areas visible from the outside. Typically, this would only apply to driveway and sidewalk coatings. We advise you to check with your HOA, review their documentation, and see whether there is any mention of concrete coatings. If there isn’t, you should be clear to have your coating installed.

Epoxy and some other polyurea coatings can only be installed during warmer months of the year. But, our polyurea coating can be installed year-round even in winter, and still only takes a day for installation.

Penntek coating is only available for professionally trained Penntek dealers like FloorTech Concrete Coatings. 

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