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Top Benefits Of Using Concrete Pool Deck Floor Coating

It will soon be summer; if you still need to prepare, it’s time to organize your backyard areas to make the most out of the warm and sunny weather. Of course, one of the best methods to escape the heat of the warm summer days and get a lot of exercise is to dip in the swimming pool. However, if you have a collection, you should consider some safety bars for your backyard preparation. Pool deck floor coating is the best way to make outdoor space more practical, appealing, and comfortable.

Moreover, it can help protect against stains by maintaining severe weather from damaging them, so you won’t have any concerns when it comes time to clean up.

Benefits of concrete pool deck coating

It doesn’t matter how good your pool deck is and how often you clean it; after 10 or 13 years, you won’t be capable of fighting ordinary wear and tear. In addition, the concrete around your pool will lose its polished finish, making your deck dangerous and slippery.

Consider using professional pool deck coatings if you have or plan to have a pool in your house. Let’s delve deeper and discuss some benefits of including a concrete deck coating in a swimming pool.

1. Affordable and Cost-effective

Concrete takes preference over other materials as it forms the perfect balance of affordability and durability. It may initially be a considerable investment, but it pays off in the long run. Concrete is better than wood or high-end tile if you prioritize a home improvement budget. Moreover, installing a concrete pool deck would save money and lower medical expenses.

2. Prevent Slips and Falls

Pool decks must have a non-slip surface. The flooring often becomes wet as swimmers splash water from the swimming pool. When they leave the pool, they could also bring water with them. A slippery or wet surface is a safety risk because you can suddenly slip and fall on the stern deck. Moreover, these coatings give 4-5 layers of protection instead of typical, slick concrete. It will keep the beauty of your deck area and deliver a non-slip surface that most typical pool decks cannot.

3. Clean the Deck Fast

If you have a pool, you can share it with family and friends. However, you have to clean the water daily to keep it presentable. It would be best if you remembered to clean the deck. It can be strict with some kinds of surfaces as they need unique chemical solutions and other treatments. In the case of wood, supervision can be a significant task. Polyurea is a better stress-free choice since you can clean it fast with soap and water.

4. Shrug Off the UV Light

All areas look nice when it is brand new. However, the colors are overdone, and the visuals are impressive. Unfortunately, they rarely stay that way for a long time. The sun is partially to blame for its UV light. Choose a polyurea pool deck coating if you want colors that never fade.

5. Beautiful appearance

A concrete pool deck is not the prettiest part of your yard. However, other coatings, like epoxy concrete deck coatings, give pool owners a limitless array of options for the color, shape, and appearance of the shell surrounding the pool. In addition, they may create unique shades if no color or design suits your property.

6. Durability

The coatings on concrete pools are relatively strong. They are helpful in many businesses and domestic uses, including schools, industrial buildings, garages, and pool decks. These coatings’ construction can handle locations with high foot activity. For the space around the pool, they are powerful enough. When the winter’s cold temperatures come, the coating around your pool can bear them without cracking.

7.Versatility of Concrete

Besides being strong, cost-effective, and durable, one of the great features of concrete is that it can use to imitate more costly materials. As a result, a concrete professional can make concrete look like just about anything.

8. Make Your Pool Deck Look High-class

If you want your pool deck to look glamorous and expensive, you don’t have to worry. You can have your dream pool deck without paying a fortune with the help of professional floor refinishing experts. Moreover, epoxy or polyurea delivers a texture similar to high-end concrete surfacing and overlays, including slate and pavers

9.Crystal clear finish

Another benefit of pool deck floor coating is that the finishing is crystal clear. When applying the layer, some moisture might be trapped in the concrete, causing the floor to blush. However, the polyurea coating covers the floor absorbing the water, thereby making the floor stay crystal clear.

10.Reflects Light and Heat Well

It may not be an essential factor, but the absorption of sunlight can impact the area surrounding your pool. Some materials, mainly darker ones, can soak too much sunlight for anyone’s convenience. Moreover, polyurea is highly durable, with excellent resistance to heat, scratches, and stains. It will not discolor or crack. Furthermore, you can move any furniture around without worries.

Eight reasons to choose pool deck coating from Floortech Concrete Coatings

  1. Invulnerable to harsh pool chemicals.
  2. Extreme adherence with a quick cure time
  3. Heavy-duty floor coating
  4. Last 10 to 20 years or longer!
  5. Variety of colors to choose from
  6. Easy to maintain and clean
  7. Protection of your current concrete
  8. Looks impressive every single day

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does pool deck coating last

A pool deck painted with suitable materials and proper techniques can last 3 to 5 years, give or take (depending on how you will use it).

  • What type of coating is best for pools?

There are three main types of pool coating: epoxy coatings, chlorinated rubber, and fluoropolymers.

  • What is the most popular pool deck color?

  1. Brown & Tan Concrete Pool Decks.
  2. White and Beige Concrete Pool Decks.
  3. Multi-coloured Concrete Pool Decks.
  4. Gray & Blue Concrete Pool Decks.


As a responsible homeowner, you want to make the most out of your pool deck installation. To make it a safe and comfy area that bursts with appeal, contact professionals at Floortech Concrete Coatings. We aim to surpass clients’ expectations for every pool deck coating project and provide them with impeccable outcomes that impress everyone. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to turn any outdated pool deck into the pool area of your dreams.

Call our specialists today to learn more about our gorgeous floor finishes! You may also acquire pool deck product and service estimates by filling out our quote form.



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